Thank you for visiting our website. In today’s economy, everyone is watching expenses and cutting costs wherever they can; and no one wants to pay more in taxes than necessary. Our goal – to help our clients take advantage of tax adjustments, tax deductions, and tax credits to reduce their tax obligation to its lowest potential under the law.

WEC Associates is committed to making tax preparation as simple as possible for you. We are a tax preparation firm serving individuals, the self-employed and small businesses. We have offices located Waltham and North Reading, Massachusetts. We assist clientele not only locally, but all over the country as well; we offer a secure portal for exchanging sensitive data information and documents right over the internet which is safe, reliable, and best of all – no addition cost to you!

We can provide our clients with a copy of the tax return in digital format – specifically, pdf. For those who are not yet comfortable with the digital realm, face-to-face meetings are available in our local area, as well as an old-fashioned paper copy of the tax return after completed.

We offer affordable, competitive services with no hidden fees.

If you owe back taxes, facing collection action, wage or bank garnishment or are being audited, as a federally authorized Enrolled Agent (EA) we can advise and represent you before the IRS. We’ll thoroughly and conscientiously study your personal situation, tailor our advice to your specific needs, and help solve your tax problems.

Please, feel free to browse our website to see the services we offer as well as the many helpful resources we provide. When you are ready to learn more about what we can do for you, we encourage you to contact us.


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